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Event Technology

Event Equipment and Services

Bright’s rental department serves the entertainment and experience industries. We deliver the equipment, skills and services you need to fulfill your vision and ambitions – from idea to execution, from draft to solution. We cover all technical solutions from sound and lighting to stage and rigging. We also have in-house design capabilities that offer top quality video and content production.

We have many years of experience to execute hybrid and virtual events of all sizes. Virtual events bring people together from different locations, giving participant the opportunity to take part of an event and do networking interactively, from the comfort of their own home or office. The execution can be done in many different venues or event spaces, for example in the customer’s own premises or in Bright Studios. We have several fully equipped Studios ready in Finland, Sweden and Norway and have the ability to create new setups and find solutions when needed - quickly and efficiently.

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Virtual Event

When it is not possible to get the target audience into one place, a virtual event is a perfect option to build an entity that supports content and the brand. In order to ensure that the daily activities of businesses continue as smoothly as possible, it is more important than ever to be able to reach valuable target audiences quickly and effortlessly.  

Arranging an event in a digital environment offers a wide range of opportunities and many alternative solutions. We have many years of experience to execute different virtual and hybrid events, where guests can take part of the event online, from anywhere in the world. 

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Webcasting services

We create virtual events in all sizes, from one camera productions to TV standard, multi-camera executions. The stream doesn’t have to be a one-way speech, as participants are also able to make comments on the presentations, vote and ask questions in several different ways.  

The implementation is made on broadcast-level from a lightweight single-camera webcasting, to multi-camera productions. The video execution can be done in for example the customer’s own premises or in the Bright studios. We have studios available in all Nordic countries; in Helsinki capital region, Stockholm, Oslo & Bergen. The studios are fully equipped to serve the needs of our customers. 

Watch this video showcasing our studio in Stockholm. 

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Service functionalities

The technical execution is always customized to meet customer’s needs, so we can help with wide range of productions - big or small. We can support all broadcasting channels such as a platform embedded in Bright’s or the customer’s own platform, Teams, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Twitter/Periscope, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch etc. The interactive functions include different voting techniques, chat box and remote connections to other studios as well as to participants' own equipment or social media channels.  

Watch this video from our studio in Vantaa, Finland. 

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